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MKB introduction

MKB Introduction

MKB Bank, a universal financial institution, is one of the oldest and most determinant members of the Hungarian banking system. MKB Bank was established in 1950. After the change of regime (in 1994), it was taken over by a became bank, in 2014 it was purchased by the Hungarian State. After a successful reorganization MKB became privately owned again in 2016.

Its main business activities include corporate and institutional banking services, international banking relationships, retail, private banking and small business as well as money and capital market services. Through its interests, MKB Bank provides complex vehicle and machinery financing, fund management and advisory services, sets up credit structures if necessary, furthermore meets specific banking needs, and offers pension and health fund services to its clients. Emphasis is placed on corporate relationships, exploiting synergies with MKB Pension Fund, MKB-Pannónia Health and Mutual Fund and MKB Euroleasing Group. Following the preparations, MKB Bank executed a comprehensive digital changeover which resulted that MKB Bank has become a digital bank. At the beginning of 2019, MKB Bank opened among the first its Application Programming Interface (API), creating an opportunity to develop new secure fintech solutions which could make the customers life easier. As a result of the successful reorganization, the shares of MKB were introduced to the Budapest stock Exchange on 30 May 2019.

MKB has the sixth largest balance sheet among the Hungarian banks. Its branch network coverage is nationwide which are complemented by modern, constantly evolving digital channels.

The Bank focuses on its customers. As a stable and fair player in the domestic financial intermediary system the Bank pays special attention to the provision of quality financial services and strives for excellent customer experience as well as partnerships based on mutual benefits, exploiting synergies between organizations and pursuing professional interests. MKB has a wide knowledge base and an expert staff built up over half a century of operation.  With the help of these and their embedded relationships, MKB plays a key role in the domestic corporate finance, cash and liquidity management and investment markets. The Bank has an exceptional professional prestige that helps create value for retail customers.


The MKB Financial Group considers its customers and employees partners. We believe in the strength of cooperation, we build bridges.The Group builds on traditional banking values, advisory activity and it extends the most up-to-date service to its customers via innovations. Its internal model is based on continuously optimized business processes.


The mission of MKB Financial Group is to extend high quality service based on mutual advantages to our customers.

As an influential bank of Hungary with long history MKB Bank is committed to the economic and social development of the country. In the operation the respect of the traditional banking values goes hand in hand with the commitment to become first in the extension of innovative financial solutions.

The uniquely wide range of services of MKB Financial Group provides both the private persons and companies with full range of financial opportunities.We deem honestly, fair banking operation and cooperation based on partnership important.

Our Core Values: Innovation, Tradition, Cooperation


Important Notice: Hungarian language is the official and registered language of MKB Bank Nyrt.’s („the Issuer”) disclosures pursuant to the relevant legal and stock-exchange rules. The present English translation has been prepared on a voluntary basis, with the best care and intention of the Issuer to inform English speaking investors, however, in the event of any controversy between the Hungarian and English version, the authentic Hungarian version shall prevail.