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disclosure policy

Guidelines of MKB Bank Plc. on public disclosure

1. MKB Bank Plc. (“MKB Bank Plc.” or “Company) is a publicly operating limited company. The ordinary shares of MKB Bank Plc. are listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange in “Standard” category.

2. The primary objective of MKB Bank Plc. is to provide both the investors and the analysts following MKB Bank Plc. with up-to-date, reliable and detailed information. In connection with the operation, strategy and performance of MKB Bank Plc. the public requires swift information service free of differentiation.

3. Under the public MKB Bank Plc. means the effective investors and analysts, the supervisory and interest representation bodies and the media.

4. In the course of public disclosure all information directly or indirectly concerning the value or yield of the shares of MKB Bank Plc. and the assessment of the Company as issuer are made known to the investors. These are in particular:
(a) objectives of the company (annual report);
(b) profit and loss of the result of the activity and management of the company (financial reports);
(c) principles related to the election, appointment of the members of boards and management; the principles of the remuneration, compensation of the members of the boards and the management (in harmony with the EU regulation concerning the credit institution and the relevant recommendations of the National Bank of Hungary);
(d) risk factors influencing the operation, management of the company and the risk management principles of the company (Publishing pursuant to the requirements of Regulation (EC) no 575/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council (CRR));
(e) key information concerning the employees and other interested parties; (annual report)
(f) corporate governance practice, structure of the system of corporate governance ( corporate governance report);
(g) ownership structure (financial reports).

5. The Company performs all above commitments as a role player on the capital market of the European Union in the spirit of the principles of transparency.

6. The disclosure principles of MKB Bank Plc. are that it informs the investors and the concerned parties with the content and in the manner prescribed in Act CXX of 2001 on the Capital Market, in Decree 24/2008 (VIII.15.) of the Ministry of Finance on the Detailed Rules of Disclosure Obligations related to Publicly Traded Securities, in Regulation (EC) no 596/2014 of 16 April 2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council, in the General Business Rules of the Budapest Stock Exchange and in the Recommendations of the Budapest Stock Exchange on Responsible Corporate Governance.

7. MKB Bank Plc. has internal regulation on the obligations to disclose information, which provides for the performance of the tasks of the company resulting from the legal obligations regarding public disclosures in overall manner. The rules give details of the cases of disclosure specified in the legal regulations, which may occur at the Company as issuer.

8. The Company reviews the efficiency of the publishing processes once a year.

9. In the course of publishing mandatory disclosures pursuant to the legal regulations and the stock exchange rules MKB Bank Plc. uses the following publishing sites simultaneously.
(a) website of the Budapest Stock Exchange (
(b) information storage system operated by NBH (
(c) website of MKB Bank Plc. (

10. In addition to above the Company simultaneously sends the information to the editorial office of the media with a website available for the investors.

11. MKB Bank Plc. publishes the same regulated information at the website of the Budapest Stock Exchange and at its own website and it forwards the same for the information storage system and the media.

12. Communications, financial reports and other information, in which the investors are interested, are available under the “Investors” menu point of the website operated by MKB Bank Plc.

MKB Bank Plc. shall ensure access to the information for 5 years from the publishing (and for 10 years in terms of the financial reports).

Important Notice: Hungarian language is the official and registered language of MKB Bank Nyrt.’s („the Issuer”) disclosures pursuant to the relevant legal and stock-exchange rules. The present English translation has been prepared on a voluntary basis, with the best care and intention of the Issuer to inform English speaking investors, however, in the event of any controversy between the Hungarian and English version, the authentic Hungarian version shall prevail.