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MKB Mobilbank alkalmazás

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In the interest of further increasing the security of payments made via the electronic channels, pursuant to the provisions of the second payment services directive of the European Union (hereinafter referred to as: PSD2) the application of the so-called strong customer authentication becomes mandatory.

After the launch the requirements of strong customer authentication must be applied to every occasion when the paying party accesses his/her payment account via an online channel, initiates an electronic payment transaction or performs the transaction via an electronic channel.

The majority of the customer authentication processes applied presently by MKB Bank have already met the requirements of PSD2 principle, therefore after the launch of the strong customer authentication our customers will experience changes only in the case of the following transactions:

  • In the case of our corporate customers from the launch of strong customer authentication the customer authentication process applicable in the course of the login and the signing of the orders has changed both in the case of our PCBankár and NetBANKár Business services. The single use password sent by MKB Bank in a text message will have to be provided in the case of both services.
  • The possibility of amending the security level setting of MKB Mobilbank payments, the possibility of giving orders under HUF 5,000 without authentication, ceased as of 14.09.2019.

Strong customer authentication in the course of bankcard payments performed via the internet

By its decision made on 10 September and 23 December 2019 the National Bank of Hungary prolonged the deadline of the mandatory application of regulating the bankcard payment process via internet constituting part of the Payment Services Directive of the European Union (PSD2) due to the complexity of the related regulation and the practical compliance until 31 December 2020.

Internet Security Code service

MKB Bank deems the provision of optimum service circumstances, within it the increase of the security of bankcard shopping transactions via the internet as soon as possible, of high importance, therefore it will launch the Internet Security Code service from 16 June 2020. Within the framework of the service the Bank will send a single use password to the telephone number of the card holder in a text message, which must be provided in the case of every transaction where the internet reception site makes the use of the service possible.

We are calling the attention of our Customers to the fact that as pursuant to the new regulation a single use password received from MKB Bank in a text message for the bankcard payments performed via the internet is necessary, it is of key importance to have your mobile telephone number correctly registered in the records of MKB Bank, otherwise you will not receive the text message. For the lack of the code the transaction will be rejected - in the interest of our Customers’ security - and you will not be able to use your bankcard for payment via the internet. You can also view and amend the telephone number set up for the service via NetBANKár, if you have NetBANKár access attached to your account.

MKB Bank performed the allocation of the available customer telephone numbers to bankcards as follows:

  • We allocated the telephone number previously provided by the Customer to notify about bankcard transactions performed via MobilBANKár to the cards.
  • If our Customer does not use MobilBANKár service, we allocated the telephone number for sending notifications about accessing NetBANKár to the cards.
  • If our Customer does not use either MobilBANKár or NetBANKár service, or if we do not have a telephone number available from the above sources, we allocated the mobile telephone number previously provided by the card holder as contact number to the cards.

At the same time our colleagues will contact our card holder Customers to confirm the already available telephone numbers or to provide a new one.

We are kindly asking you to facilitate the launch of the new processes with your active cooperation also by checking your valid telephone number via MKB NetBANKár as soon as possible and amending it if necessary.